The Uniqueness
Purpose and Ultimate
Impressed Visitors       

Many studies have shown that non-frontal interactive learning aids the learning process and the integration of the students.

The staff at the Savyon Center for Jewish Studies has developed a special method of learning about Judaism and Zionism through a rich multi-sensory experience, and since 1995 has been practically applying this method on thousands of youth.
Every month, from all over the country, hundreds of students in grades 1-9, particularly from the Public schools arrive at the Savyon Center for Jewish Studies accompanied by their teachers. The staff at the Center transmits to these students knowledge and Jewish values, by means of attractive interactive activities, which are particularly exciting.

The educational activities are presented on a high intellectual level and comply with the recommendations of the Shenhar Committee.
The Center aims to stimulate an interest in the students, in the rich heritage of the Jewish people, thereby introducing them to their roots. The activities presented are specifically designed to achieve this.

Each activity usually runs for 5 academic hours and includes an introduction, 4 workshops and a conclusion.

At the Center there is an unusual combination of: a State of the Art audiovisual center, a garden of Biblical and Israeli plants, a new modern synagogue building, libraries for reserch and study and a reception hall.
The Center's facilities are utilized to the full for the benefit of each and every student.

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