The Uniqueness
Purpose and Ultimate
Impressed Visitors       

The Savyon Center for Jewish Studies has set itself goals and works to achieve them by means of its varied activities:

• Jewish Identity Strengthening Jewish identity among youth in Israel and the Diaspora and helping to prevent assimilation. Providing answers to questions which occupy youth: “Why was I born a Jew? What does “Jewish” mean to me?” etc.
• Let My People Know - Strengthening the connection between our generation and the Heritage of the Jewish People. Enriching knowledge in different areas related to the topics: The People of Israel-The Land of Israel-The Torah of Israel.
• Unity of the People – Drawing people closer to each other by reducing antagonism. Bridging the large gap that exists between the religious and secular, generally a result from lack of understanding of each other.
• Improving Behavior – Molding a better society on an individual and community level, while internalizing the lessons of: tolerance, respect for all people, the attitude towards minorities and other opinions, saying “No!” to physical, verbal and emotional violence.

The above-mentioned goals are included in all the Center’s activities.
Each activity has secondary goals that will be detailed below.

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