The Uniqueness
Purpose and Ultimate
Impressed Visitors       

A teacher at Oranit Junior High School
“When the grade coordinator informed me that we were going to an activity on the topic of the Sabbath, I expected conflict between the students and the staff at the Jewish Studies Center. However the students and I were surprised to discover from the very first moment and throughout the program, that the Sabbath is something different from what we had always thought. I am happy for the opportunity that was given to me and my students to really understand what the Sabbath symbolizes and what its meaning is for us…”

Chaya Shapira, Ramat Gan
As the daughter of Holocaust survivors and having experienced for myself being the second generation of those who had lived “on another planet”, I wanted to inculcate the subject of the Holocaust in my students so that they would identify with the saying, “Never again”. An emotional barrier and the difficulty of the generation gap prevented me from accomplishing this. After the program at the Jewish Studies Center, I had the feeling that this place had helped me to transmit to my students the feelings and messages I had wanted to implant in them…”

M.A. Av Lern, Ramat Efal
“I am completely secular. When they told me we were going to an activity with children - the students at the Savyon Center for Jewish Studies, I was very against it. However, from the first moment of the program and throughout it, there developed a deep connection between me and the Center. The activities in the botanical garden and the audiovisual center were wonderful, but mainly, I was moved by the end when the Rabbi explained about the Eternal Book that has accompanied the Jew throughout the generations and for which the Jews have sacrificed their lives. The rabbi took out the Torah scroll and I, the composed secularist, politically left wing, and isolated from every commandment and Jewish tradition, felt the tears falling on my cheeks and I wanted to kiss the Torah scroll…”

Yuri Stanatovski
7th grade student at “Hadekel” School, Ashkelon

“I was never in a synagogue before. Not in Moscow and not when we came to Israel. The first time I became aware of concepts such as “tefillin” and “mezuzah” was in the Center for Jewish Studies. The activities were precisely geared to the characters of the students in the class, most of whom were new immigrants from the Soviet Union and it was transmitted to us tastefully and pleasantly. The staff at the Center were also sensitive to the financial situation of most of the immigrant families and asked no payment for the program. Now, a skylight has been opened for me to an understanding of Jewish culture. The staff at the Center have given me the feeling that I belong and a feeling of identity with the Jewish people.”

Anat Vatouri, a 6th grade teacher in Savyon
“I will never stop receiving from you ideas and new directions of thought in Judaism. Please let me know of any new material available.”

A 6th grade home room teacher at Ben-Gurion school in Ramat Gan
“In light of the security situation, many students have come up to me and asked, “Why are we the persecuted nation?” “Why am I Jewish?” And additional questions for which I had no answer. After participating in the teacher’s course that took place at the Jewish Studies Center, many subjects became clear and I now had precise answers for my students. The course also gave me a new perspective on teaching methods in school and from now on, my whole approach to teaching will be different. I am certain that if I use the innovative tools and ideas that I acquired in the course, my students will internalize the messages I teach them.”

M. Major General in the IDF, at Tel Hashomer
“A study day on the topic, “The Family Unit in the Age of the Millennium” left a strong impression on the officers, and provided them with food for thought for a long time. Many of the soldiers who participated in the study day identified with the messages that were transmitted about marriage, relationships and love. Many of them approached me to request another seminar on the same theme. We suddenly got depth and meaning on the banal topic of marriage…”

Zohar Regev, Grade 7 student
“Fortunately I’d been to the Center even before my Bar Mitzvah. For my Bar Mitzvah, my parents bought me a pair of special tefillin that cost hundreds of dollars. Now, after the moving program about tefillin, and their meaning for me as a Jew, I’m planning to put them on daily even though I’m not religious. In general, on the day of the program, I got a different perspective on what it means to be Bar Mitzvah and I’m very happy that they took us there.”

C.N. Bialik State School, Kfar Ganim, Petach Tikvah
On Sunday, May 30th, 2004, we visited you and felt as if we were walking around Paradise. The activities and vast amount of knowledge in different areas is interesting and unusual. The explanations you gave and patience you showed us are

Ben-Gurion School, Ramat Gan, 2004
We wrote with a quill on parchment that was made from cowhide. I enjoyed deciphering the riddle. Varda, the counselor asked my father to take the Torah scroll out of the ark. The children and their parents kissed the Torah and also had their picture taken with it. I was very excited that my father held the Torah scroll.
Ran Amichai, 1B

Shanan College Haifa
In my name, the names of the members of the Forum on the subject of the combined trip to the colleges and seminars (Mofet) and in the name of the coordinator of the Forum, Dr. Shaul Sapir, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the educational visit… May you continue in your important work for many years…
Dr. Tzvi Har-Shefer

Ben-Gurion school, Ramat Gan, 8.12.03
To the wonderful staff!

We visited here for the first time for the topic of “Receiving the Torah”. The wonderful atmosphere, the diverse activities and the warm attention motivated us to come back another time for the topic of “Chanukah”. You gave us a lot. May you have strength!
With blessings,
Ana Veishenker

The Administration for Community Schools

We want to thank the staff for their hospitality to the spokesmen for the Administration of Community Schools for Central Tel Aviv. The warm, serene and welcoming welcome, the introduction to the materials, tools and methods at your center heightened the performance of the staff. We left enriched.
For everyone,
Chaya Ben-Dror
Regional Director
Nili Vidan
Program Coordinator

The Y.C, Brenner State School,
Kfar Saba, 29.5.03

Countless thanks on the activities on the topic “Respect between People” for our two fourth grade classes on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The teachers, parents and students praised the activities to the skies and didn’t forget to note the remarkable attention they were given by the staff and the high level quality of guidance and interesting and challenging activities. It was obvious that you invested much attention to detail in your preparations. The activities in the botanical garden and the arts and crafts activities were interesting, diverse, brought the students pleasure, and inspired curiosity and motivation in their work. His honor, Rav Brodman’s personal story about the Holocaust held both the children and adults spellbound and we want to express our special thanks.
Again thank you and much strength to you. Continue to maintain the uniqueness, the atmosphere, the subject matter and remain a special “nature reserve” of the landscape.
In friendship and from the bottom of our hearts,
Sarah Finkelman,
School Principal

Brenner School, Kfar Saba

Today I visited with my students for your program on “Symbols”. I am completely amazed by the level of the activities and how you captured the interest of my students. The different areas about symbols are amazing, on a high level and invested with great detail. It has been many years since I have seen such diversity of activity that brought enjoyment and learning. May you have strength and may there be more like you.

Sarah Shem Or
Homeroom teacher
Grade 5A
Brenner School, Kfar Saba

A Group of Jewish Dutch Visitors
On our visit to your place, we discovered that Judaism is beautiful and we understood that there lacks a clear awareness of Judaism. We were very impressed because in this kind of meeting there is the potential for understanding within the Jewish nation…

Karkur State Community School
7 Kislev, 5763

We want to express our thanks and our appreciation for the values and learning related to the Torah Scroll that we experienced at your learning center. The activities were appropriate to the topic for the age level and were diverse and enriching. The program was well timed and the guidance was interesting and professional. The children returned home full of impressions, pleasure and motivation for the topic which was apparent in their classes.
In these times of religious polarization, we were happy to view a different religious perspective, patient and tolerant. We were warmly welcomed and want to thank you for a moving day.

With blessings for your continued fruitfulness,
Sonia, Regina and Chassia, Grade 2 teachers

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