Courses for teachers

The Center conducts professional courses for educators and educational personnel: Supervisors, principals, teachers, counselors, social coordinators, trip coordinators and others.

As stated above, the Center has developed a unique method for a multi-sensory interactive learning experience on a range of topics related to tradition, the nation and society (according to the recommendations of “The Shenhar Committee”). In a sample analysis it was proven that students who have studied the cluster of Jewish subjects according to this method, remembered the material studied even months after it was taught. The interactive learning experience is based on didactic principles, providing the practical tools, which the teacher can use both within the regular learning environment and in nature.

The course covers two aspects:
1. Level of knowledge – study, enrichment and in-depth study of topics learned.
2. Level of integration – Didactic tools for teaching the subject + modeling activities.
The Center provides an in-depth knowledge for teachers and tools for teaching in the classroom. Educational personnel are exposed to a range of ideas, while using innovative teaching aids, which can be integrated into numerous topics.
The goal of the Center is: to assist teachers and educational personnel, in teaching Jewish topics and the values of Jewish tradition, with the aim of providing students with a level of knowledge, interest in the rich tradition of the Jewish people and developing a strong bond to their heritage.

The Different Courses Include:
1. Lectures, discussions, problem solving, tours and workshops.
2. Study of literature.
3. Watching movies and analyzing them from different angles.
4. Workshops for developing creative thinking in teaching subjects relating to Judaism, the people and the Land.
5. Preparing learning centers and games utilizing technological tools.
6. Order, organization and cataloguing.
7. Analyzing computer, Internet and audiovisual use – in interactive learning.
8. Methods of interaction (in the courtyards, libraries).

The Center has succeeded in achieving its goal, having received positive feedback from the many educational personnel, who have integrated this interactive teaching method in their classes with a number of Jewish subjects. The students expressed a great deal of interest in these subjects.

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